Frederik Carøe and Magnus F. Pedersen have been working together for more than a decade in a relationship started by their mutual friendship with – and education from Steen Aa. Duelund based upon his relentless quest for audio perfection.
2004 they launched a new generation of capacitors, inductors and resistors meticulously researced and developed to improve the performance of audio reproduction. 3 years later they unveiled the CAST line and erased all previous benchmarks within this field. Products befitting their shared vision of true excellence.
Frederik and Magnus still research and create based upon their deep knowledge passed on to them from Mr. Duelund. To do so, they manufacture unsurpassed complicated audio creations, inventing and developing technically flawless components to rigorous aesthetic demands.

Duelund Coherent Audio
Endrupvej 6a

3480 Fredensborg

Tel. +45 26 36 66 32

CVR. 27618375