Duelund Coherent Audio offers an expanding range of copper and silver wire in various forms of nonplastic natural dielectrica.

Standard models include:

Silver silk in oil wire.

Our top of the line series, available in 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 models.
A flat silver ribbon wrapped in silk and impregnated in oil. The original Steen Duelund cable. In our humble opinion the best hook up wire available today.


DCAXGA – A wire originally born of the desire to improve upon legendary studio vintage cabling.

Tinned copper multistrand wire in a cotton and oil dielectricum – among enthusiasts recognised as the go to wire for “REAL” sound.

Available in standard awg: 20GA, 16GA, 12GA. Also available as solid core 26GA


DCAXGA600V – Same wire configuration as DCAXGA in a 600v PolyCast sleevee for higher voltage use.

Available in standard awg: 20GA, 16GA, 12GA.

Silver cotton in oil wire 0.4mm

A thin round silver wire measuring 0.4mm wrapped in cotton and impregnated in oil – absolutely perfect for delicate signals duty.


Copper cotton in oil wire 0.8mm

Solid core copper wrapped in cotton and impregnated in oil – omni applicable.


As a general rule – Duelund Coherent Audio is able to do almost all types of wire. If you have a special request, please feel free to contact us: info@duelundaudio.com


Finished interconnect – Dual DCA16GA with Gold/Paper surround RCA plugs.