December 2011:

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October 2009:

We hope you’ll join us at, we will use the blog to compliment this news board.


See you at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009. Kaiser Acoustics kindly filled their Kawero! loudspeaker to the brim with all kinds of Duelund goodness.

Come say hi, Marriott 4th Floor ~ 445. We promise to be there.


September 2009:

We are nearing the launch of our new CAST resistor. Looking forward to tell you more.


August 2009:

A nicely done review of top of the line signal capacitors has been published by Jimmy Auw at Jimmy’s Junkyard. (Apparently our CAST 630v came out on top…)

Further info: Link


July 2009:

We advise that you check out the interesting feature done by Mr. Clement Perry of on the Kaiser Kawero loudspeaker in its creator’s lair:


All filter functions in the Kaiser Kawero are handled by Duelund components.


June 2009:

A recent shuffling of the cards chez Humblehomemadehifi has graded our CAST capacitor even higher, further emphazising its lead as the capacitor of choice for true enthusiasts.

We are glad to see the strive for natural sound is so highly rewarded.



For years we’ve been a part of Natural Sound of Argentina’s chosen products. Recently, they launched their new speaker, emphatically christened Big Bang B.

We can attest to the ultra high quality of the speaker’s innards, and have on good authority that the sound is nothing short of magical.

Mr. Scarafiocca of Natural Sound would accept nothing less:

Part of the speaker’s internals prior to soldering:

Further info at: Link


It’s a pleasure to inform you, we have begun supplying components to Merlin Music Systems. As a long time player in our industry, these guys recognise true quality!

Further info: Link



All we see is video MOJO : Link


May 2009:

Just a quick snapshot of a prototype midrange filter from Peak Consult:

In case you’re wondering, that’s quite a few µFs…


It’s always a pleasure when companies firmly rooted in the ultimate part of audio choose your components for their reference product having tested all brands available.

Perfect8 Technologies will be using our silver/carbon resistors and full CAST line of capacitors and inductors, in copper as well as silver for their superlative offerings.

These very talented individuals have received endless acclaim, we advise you follow them closely. Apparently, the word transparency describes the enclosure and sound in equal terms.

Further info at: Link


We’re proud to announce we’re strengthening our base in Sweden:

Audio specialist Accurate Audio has recently begun carrying our full line of products.

Further info: Link


Our friends at Gryphon Audio Designs have just launched their new catalogue.  As always, the aesthetic presentation is a lesson to us all and towards the end of the catalogue you’ll find what may just be the world premiere of the Gryphon Mojo loudspeaker.

The catalogue may be downloaded from their site:


April 2009:

In case you want to follow the creation of a High End Loudspeaker, the Peak Consult Kepheus, we suggest you go here: Link



We’re on Twitter: Will post there about the daily grind of our part of the industry, hope you’ll find it worthwhile:


A very warm velcome to Koheren Audio from Indonesia. This latest addition to our line of dealers ensures that customers seeking the ultimate advice in High End audio and Car Stereo should be well looked after in this fascinating country.

For further info:



March 2009:

For an unusually intelligent comment on the current state of our hobby, may I suggest visiting this site run by Mr. Flemming E. Rasmussen of Gryphon Audio Designs, an old friend of ours. (The term old is used to describe the number of years, we’ve been acquinted, not the age of the man himself. We wouldn’t dare….)

IMHO it’s a great read.


We are pleased to announce Duelund Coherent Audio now features representation in Poland:

We suggest you visit this amicable setup:


ul. Rzeznicka 12H
84-200 Wejherowo

tel. +48 501 173793, +48 58 6779192
fax. +48 58 6774036



The unstoppable guys of have created a great little tool, which allows you to calculate target curves for the Duelund Synchronous filter.

We advise you check it out:



We’ve been allowed to show you a picture of the first working Dragon of the Peak Consult Momentum line. Peak Consult will introduce the Momentum upgrade on various loudspeakers in their line, but today we show you the Dragon Momentum.


From Duelund the speaker features an all out Duelund filter including giant midrange capacitors and a very special CAST MOMENTUM-DEKA cap.

The MOMENTUM-DEKA uses 10 capacitors in one cap to achieve the desired value. To top things off, it is then CASTed to prevent any unwanted resonances.

The end result according to Mr. Per Kristoffersen Head Designer at Peak Consult is: “Unlike anything I have ever heard let alone dreamt possible!”

We’re quite pleased as well.

For  more info:


February 2009:


Electrum Audio one of our very first dealers recently concluded their painstaking work creating their new home on the web, complete with all Duelund products and online ordering we deem it to be of very high quality and hope you do to. Please check it out at:

Mr. Mike Tehan of Electrum Audio was a driving force in creating the Duelund VSF DC and CAST 630v caps for electronics, so rest assured you are in good hands!



Our apologies for the blatant misuse of the caps lock key, but when you are judged against nearly 50 other capacitors and come out as the true number 1, the sound of Ode to Joy seems to echo in your ears…

Some years ago the talented and skillful DIY’ing Dutchman Mr. Tony Gee of tested our Virtual Stack Foil Cu capacitor and came to the natural conclusion that it was the best sounding capacitor available.

As time flew by, many challengers vied for the throne but were denied. The VSF remained supreme.

Realising that something had to be done about this, we send a pair of Duelund Coherent Audio CAST capacitors to set the record straight.

We are proud to announce the following result:

Sound: The CAST capacitor has all the same characteristics as the VSF but with added top-end clarity and together with that, more spatiality. They are (like the VSF) super natural, smooth, clear and open. The tonal balance is extremely neutral, especially audible with good recordings of acoustic instruments and the human voice, so maily with classical music. Like the VSF the separation of the individual instruments is very good and in an orchestra, the string section is a group of individuals rather than just a group. Soprano’s have clarity without becoming hard to the ear, wind instruments (especailly the copper section) have that nice “metal” edge without becoming rough. Where in the past you had to choose between a Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil (very good depth and imaging) or a Duelund VSF (very neutral presentation) you can now have the best of both worlds in the form of the Duelund CAST-Cu. I did find they needed a couple of weeks use to fully come to bloom, so give a chance to burn-in. My current reference!

So in other words: The king is dead, long live the king!

For further info:



News from Serbia:

Following our collaboration with RAAL RIBBON and Solaja Audio we are happy to announce we have begun supplying componentry to loudspeaker manufacturer N.N. Acoustics. With High End booming in Eastern Europe we advise you check out their product line at your earliest convenience.

Further info:



The man himself Mr. Nenad Napijalo at RMAF 2008 in Denver:



New dealer announcement:

Welcome to Copenhagen based Omega Audio.

Placed very close to the picturesque Kongens Nytorv featuring the Danish Royal Theater, Omega Audio will carry our full line.

Already a certified dealer of products such as Accuphase and Neeper Acoustics, good sound is  a guarantee.

Omega Audio

Admiralgade 19

1066 København K


Phone +45 33 36 50 40



January 2009:

We are pleased to announce we have begun working with the very talented people at Reference 3A:


Further info



Back from Vegas, we got a few shots to share. More coming…

The feet of the RAAL Eternity with the all-important sign snapped after we fitted the CAST components:

A better picture of the entire loudspeaker:

For further details

The Solaja, Requisite Audio and RAAL team:

We also ran into the very friendly Mr. Rainer Weber of Kaiser Acoustics, as always he was the guarantee for an amazing sound courtesy of the Kaiser Kawero speakers:


People gather towards good sound: Messieurs Kerem Kerem Küçükaslan of Topline Audio responsible for the Echole cabling and upgraded Mastersound 845 amplifiers feeding the speakers, Hans Jørgen Jensen of Jensen Capacitors and Peter Buddee of Lundahl Transformers/Jensen Capacitors.

As you can see the Kawero system proved a feast for the eyes:

For your browsing pleasure:


Life’s tough in Vegas:

Inside we stumbled upon Mr. Peter Nørbæk of PBN Audio using a 300m2 room this was one of the true highlights with the Montana Master Reference speakers being demoed to their full potential:

By the way, Mr. Nørbæk is not a small person… Further info at


Our reference list seemed to be out in full force the estimable Mr. Bönicke of Boenicke Audio with his latest creation:

Please go to for further info on these fascinating products.


We will feature representation at the CES show and THE Show  in Las Vegas this month. If you’re there we may be reached at:


Will see you there.


December 2008:

First of all, a Merry Christmas to you all. May the holidays be peaceful and joyous.

Second we are pleased to welcome TRON Electric run by Mr. Graham Tricker to our reference list. While we have worked with Tron for a good time only now has the collaboration been made official. Tron produces electronics of the highest caliper, we strongly suggest you seek them out.

The Tron Discovery at the Rocky Show 2008.

For more info:


Our new RAAL page is up. Check it out:


This just in… 🙂

Duelund Coherent Audio is proud to announce that we have been appointed distributor of the famed RAAL Ribbon products.

These gems are used by quite a few of our customers, so the match up seems logical.

Separate details and pricing to be posted as we get them.


For further details please visit


Following our field trip into the heart of the South Korean High End community a little teaser seems apropos.

In the aftermath of the highly successful launch of their Dragon flagship loudspeaker Peak Consult has created a special model entitled The Dragon Momentum.

While details remain sketchy at this time I can reveal that the Momentum will contain a world’s first from us at Duelund. Details will be posted when the speaker is officially launched.

Untill then:


Around the world…

Our distributor in South Korea Mr. Hoyoun Kim of Sonoris had cordially invited us to attend the Asian launch of Peak Consult’s flagship speaker The Dragon in Seoul. Seeing as Peak Consult features exclusive Duelund components in the filter of The Dragon we were only happy to attend. The sound of the Dragons driven by Soulution electronics fed by the Kuzma XL turntable was little short of miraculous.

The estimable sirs Mr. Per Kristoffersen of Peak Consult and Mr. Hoyoun Kim of Sonoris along with the very kind staff of Sonoris:


Peak Consult The Dragon


For further info:


Peak Consult


November 2008:

Back from Rocky Mountains show in Denver, a big thank you to everybody we met there, hope you had a great show. We certainly did.

Honourable mention to our friends from Kaiser Akustik who launched their Kawero loudspeaker to great acclaim (to many Sound of the show).

Since the poor guys were setting up a very large room, we had (unwisely…) promised to help with the setup of the speakers. The Kaiser guys deemed it only fair that I lifted the bottom of the speakers, since the (quite heavy) Duelund filter is located there…

Apparently, they didn’t think Mr. Radisaljevic from Raal Ribbon, should lift the top with the famed Raal Ribbon tweeter.

Suffice it to say: I couldn’t move my right shoulder for the rest of the show…

For more on this fascinating newcomer go to:

For your viewing pleasure:


October 2008:

Finally, the construction of our largest ever CAST caps is completed.

Feast your eyes on the dual chassis 300 uF CAST caps. One cap weighs in at +25 kilograms and contains nigh on 1 kilometer of pure metal foil. Available in copper or silver as standard; other configurations available on request.

Apologies, for the quality of the picture. Our area of expertise lies in components not photography…


About 30% of the entire filter. Outboard crossovers allow for a bit more freedom.


September 2008:

Visit at the Tidal factory with Duelund components featured…

The language is Swedish but pictures are universal. Link


August 2008:

New review. Danish site Speaker Builder gives Duelund components a rave review  “If people ask for my recommendation of the components I give it without hesitation.” Link (Choose English, Articles, Tests, Duelund Coherent Audio.

Dansk Audio Teknik hosted an EMMA competition in Elsinore, Denmark.

Duelund Coherent Audio was asked to do special CAST Trophies for the winners of the competition.

See for yourself:

LINK  (Scroll down)

July 2008:

Duelund Coherent Audio has started collaborating with of Ireland.

Audio Warehouse caters to the discerning Pro Audio market, and will carry our full line of products. They are currently using our products to take legendary pro loudspeakers to new heights.

First Japanese dealer established:

High-End Ltd.


We welcome our newest dealer in Spain:

Bel Audio, S.L.
phone +34 983 10 14 81

French manufacturer Musique-Concrete is using Duelund Coherent Audio components in the development of their new flagship speaker launching in 2009. They promise to soon feature a new website worthy of their audio designs. To see their refreshingly unorthodox approach please visit their old site: Link

We are closing production for new orders the last 3 weeks of July. Office remains open for new orders, which will be started August 2008.

This fall,  Duelund Coherent Audio will exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2008 in Denver USA Link together with Mr. Bert Doppenberg of BD-Design. BD-Design uses Duelund Coherent Audio components in their horn loudspeakers. Link

Hope to see you there.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce our first Finnish dealer WW-Speakers Link, WW-Speakers will sell Duelund components as well as use them in their own designs.

June 2008:

A complete Duelund crossover has been commissioned featuring among other massive dual chassis 300 uF CAST capacitors. Pictures to follow.

In other news we are pleased to announce that Parts Connexion will begin stocking our silver silk/oil hook up wire. Link (scroll down a bit)

May 2008:

Tidal Audio manufacturer of no holds barred high end audio components have officially launched their flagship loudspeaker the Tidal T1. Their philosophy of only using the absolute best made the Duelund component range, especially the CAST silver inductors and silver capacitors the natural choice. Link

April 2008:

Finally, the launch of our Virtual Stack Foil DC and CAST 630v capacitors in copper and silver mark the occassion where developers of electronics have the opportunity to include Duelund capacitors in their fine designs.

Ultimate car stereo, check out this system featuring Duelund: Link

March 2008:

Exciting developments mean we will be collaborating with Raal Ribbon of Serbia. Raal provides what is arguably the finest ribbon driver units commercially available today. Link

The first results of this joint venture have already surfaced. German High End manufacturer RWA Akustik have recently chosen Raal and Duelund Coherent Audio for their new High End speaker system. For further details please contact the amicable Mr. Rainer Weber of RWA Akustik. Mail

Having been priviliged to follow the development proces we are certain you will find their upcoming range of products extremely interesting and alluring. Consider that RWA Akustik also offers the complete design and construction of bespoke acustically optimised listening enviroments and contact them at your own peril… Highly recommended.

We’ll be at Munich High End. Hope to meet you there.

February 2008:

We are glad to announce that PBN Audio have chosen to use Duelund components in their top of the line Montana loudspeakers. Link

January 2008:

It is a great pleasure to announce that Peak Consult have launched their new flagship loudspeaker The Dragon. Peak Consult have chosen to work with Duelund Coherent Audio to create the unique DPF capacitor featured in The Dragon. Link

In unrelated news, we will be attending the CES in Las Vegas and hope to meet you there.