78019In a world defined by me-too products and the comfortable numbness of the status quo, few aspire to the truly great. When new developments heralded as the second coming scarcely amount to more than a new lick of paint, what is needed is a no holds barred attitude towards research and development combined with optimum levels of execution in all areas. Duelund Coherent Audio products fulfil this statement of intent and go one better by incorporating the best of classic and sound engineering principles combined with radical thinking and the refusal of conformity.

Crossover components

Why accept components in your audio system far more suited for life inside a computer. With the Duelund range of crossover components you don’t have to. All are made from natural materials with the emphasis solely on your musical enjoyment.

Cooperation with Jensen Capacitors

From time to time, we get the question if a Duelund capacitor is simply a rebranded Jensen capacitor, as is so often seen in the industry. The short answer is “absolutely not!“, whereas the more detailed response is that we do collaborate with Jensen Capacitors, but the products themselves have nothing in common with a standard Jensen capacitor besides being a “wet” capacitor. Examples of Highend Audio using Duelund components: Tidal T1: Link Gryphon Poseidon: Link Peak Consult Dragon: Link PBN Audio The Montana Master Reference: Link