Duelund Coherent Audio’s products have received high praise from several reviewers:

Ridge Street Audio Designs:

Finally got the Duelund resistors in the Sason Ltd/Si.


You can quote me on that.

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Danish site Speaker Builder gives Duelund components a rave review

“If people ask for my recommendation of the components I give it without hesitation.” Link (Choose English, Articles, Tests, Duelund Coherent Audio.
From Humble Homemade Hifi’s Great Capacitor Test:

“WOW! Now I know how natural a capacitor can sound!”
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From Tempo Electric’s Capacitor Test:

“A clear improvement over the runner up. Brass instruments sounded more like brass, violins sounded more like violins, and so on. Everything was cleaner, smoother, and exhibited less glare. Previous to installing the Duelunds, we thought the (now) runner-up was so good that we didn’t recognize its flaws until they were gone.!”

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A client’s review:

“Oh my God, this was very clean and very clear. I likened it to a computer monitor where the resolution had been set at 800 x 600 dpi and it was increased to a stunning 1600 x 1200 dpi. Everything had such incredible refinement.”
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Review from TNT Audio:

“The difference in sound quality was immediately apparent.”
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Danish review from user on Hifi4all.dk:

“Absolut INGEN svagheder.” (Absolutely NO weaknesses)
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Customer’s reaction:

“I just wanted to tell you that the capacitors have transformed the sound of my speakers.
The transparency and purity and total lack of grain has transported my system into another world.

I truly thank you for your wonderful products.

Kind Regards

Henry Feiner”