The Duelund Reference Resistor and the Duelund CAST resistor. 

Thus far the resistor has been regarded as a necessary evil, something that was needed out of necessity but scorn for its negative impact on the fidelity of the signal.

This has changed with the introduction of the Duelund Coherent Audio Resistors. When designing these components the task was that the voicecoil of the speaker and the resistor be viewed as a whole rather than two separate entities. The Duelund CAST proces applied to the top of the line resistor makes it an extraordinary component completely without peers.

The result is a resistor which seemingly has no sound of its own,  allowing the drivers to perform at their very best.

Our “humble” opinion is that our resistors are the best “bang for the buck” upgrade available. Simply replace your resistors for unparalled transparency and dynamic ability.

Standard sizes 0,47 ohm – 50 ohm other values available on request.

Nominal power handling 10w unless otherwise specified.


Colloms Reviews  Power Resistors in HIFICRITIC

For a comparison of our CAST resistor to relevant competitors please consult  HIFICRITIC  (Volume 5 no 3)  “Crossover Resistor Sound” by the estimable Mr. Martin Colloms.
Not to give too much away we quote from Mr. Colloms conclusions:   “Duelund’s mythic reputation was upheld”   Link to review: Resistors vol5 no 3 HIFICritic Hi Res

Duelund Reference Resistor with Silver in silk lead out option
(Raw silver lead outs provided as standard)